Mar 23

Cincinnati and the Cult of Print Books

Here’s a fact that took me by surprise: Cincinnati has more bookstores per capita than San Francisco. And, “we’re tied with Seattle at seventh among America’s Most Literate Cities, according to a 2014 study by Central Connecticut State University,” writes Julie Carpenter in Soapbox Cincinnati. Even more impressive, she notes, is... read more →
Mar 23
Mar 22

An Ode to the Beauty of White Spaces

How do you want your readers to experience your publication’s content? That’s the key question that a managing editor needs to ask before each issue, according to the folks at Picante Publications in their article “Magazine Design and the Beauty of White Spaces.” “For many magazines, the editorial content comes... read more →
Mar 21
Mar 21
Mar 21

1,000 Issues and Still Going Strong

It’s a milestone any title would be proud of: 1,000 issues in print. For Steve George of Model Railroader, it’s proof positive that a passionate and connected audience will stick with you. “In many ways, specialized interest has been around all along,” George said to Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni in... read more →
Mar 20
Mar 17
Mar 16

On the Power of Great Design

Advertising has a bad rap, according to Paul Belford writing in Creative Review. “Despite its many detractors, there is nothing intrinsically evil about advertising per se. (Online advertising is a different story but we’ll save that for some other time.),” Belford writes. “The quality and therefore effectiveness of advertising is... read more →
Mar 15