Oct 04

A Mag is a Mag is a Mag…

It’s a perfect day when Shakespeare is the most relevant man to paraphrase. The Bard may proclaim that a rose by any other name smells as sweet, that it’s not what we call it, but what it is that counts. We’d love to hear what he would say about a... read more →
Oct 03

Big Brands Struggle with Content ROI

What’s content worth to your organization? Does the cost of content creation and distribution bring in sufficient ROI to justify its existence? If you’re like most people charged with answering that question, you just don’t know. Jack Neff of Advertising Age offers some insights into why this is so, as... read more →
Oct 03

Do Your Native Ads Stink?

As native advertising becomes a growing force in the industry, publishers need to develop a clear vision of their own editorial line. Marketers and advertisers are continuing to push the envelope (it’s their job to do so, after all). And with traditional advertising revenues down, editors are facing internal financial... read more →
Oct 02

Taking Issue with Next Issue

Is Netflix the model for future magazine consumption? Some magazine publishers seem to think so, and are rolling out a bundled subscription package that includes titles from Conde Nast, Rogers Media, Hearst, Meredith, Newscorp and Time Inc. The Next Issue venture will offer a one-price bundled product, aimed to increase... read more →
Oct 01

In Ads We Trust

  Word-of-mouth, TV, branded websites, and newspaper and magazines remain the most trusted advertising sources, according to a survey of more than 29,000 consumers from around the globe. Nielsen’s recent Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages shows that ads “on TV and in newspapers and in magazines continue to... read more →
Oct 01
Sep 30
Sep 26
Sep 26

A Solution to Digital Deprivation?

Book lovers say things like this all the time: “My e-book reader is convenient, but I like the feel of holding that book in my hands, turning the pages, feeling the paper.” The deliciously tactile experience of reading a printed book or magazine cannot be replicated by a cold glass... read more →
Sep 25