Newsweek Coming Back to Print

Print won't die

If 2013 was the year print didn’t die, then 2014 is shaping up to be the year print becomes hip again.

Newsweek, the weekly print magazine that went digital-only late last year, is coming back to press, according to The New York Times

The title will rely more heavily on reader subscriptions to cover the costs, with less focus on advertisers, positioning itself closer to The Economist than Time, according to Jim Impoco, editor-in-chief.

Subscription or ad-based, it’s big news for print. Apparently a magazine without a printed magazine is, well, not a magazine. Newsweek has gone through a dizzying dance of owners, chiefs and makeovers over the past years, and it’s hard to imagine that this will be a final iteration. But they are hiring and expanding and making all the right moves to make a solid show of this latest venture.

Vanity Fair does a hysterical send-up of the imagined decision-making process involved, just one year after becoming a web-only vehicle. While we weren’t privy to the actual discussions (and we love to think it went something like VF claims), it is undoubtedly the right move for the company.

It remains to be seen if they can create the kind of content that will support a higher subscription cost and less ad revenue; still, it’s a fantastic step in the right direction and one that will have many people in the industry watching.